Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Owen Beach

I took the kids down to Fort Nisqually today, only to realize that they are only open Wednesday-Sunday. Bummer. Good thing Owen Beach is right there. And lucky for us, we had packed a lunch! So we spent a couple of hours exploring Owen Beach and all of its beauty. We made some fun discoveries and had a nice time, despite the fact that it was soggy and in the 40F's! These were all taken with the iPhone:

The drive down to the beach is beautiful:

Ethan likes maps. He liked this one too. It was fun for him to see just how we got from home to the "You Are Here" dot. He looked at the legend on the map and figured we were about 8 miles from home. He also liked seeing where we were in relation to Commencement Bay since we got to pretty much the entire bay (we drove around the bay to get there):

Fuschia Crocs on a pebble beach:

Me & my Evan bear:

Ethan checking out all the cool nooks and crannies:

Ethan and Evan walking along the bottom of the cliff. Near the bottom (under the tree roots) is a very cool wall. It's rock and mud and you can actually take your finger and write in the mud!

Ethan & Evan:

Evan & Ethan checking out all the cool things along the cliff face:

Evan & Ethan:


Thankfully it stopped raining and dried out just enough for us to enjoy a picnic lunch before heading out!

We stopped at Fort Nisqually to take this picture. If you look carefully you can see the Tacoma Narrows Bridge there in the distance:

On the way home, I stopped at Hello, Cupcake so the boys could have a treat! I got a coconut cupcake and the boys each got lemon... YUM!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Bouncy Place

It's spring break! We decided to hit the Bouncy Place today since the forecast calls for a LOT of rain. The boys had a great time!