Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We're still alive!

Wow... 7 months without a blog post. SHAMEFUL! The only thing that gives me solace is that as I peruse my list of fellow bloggers, I see that I'm not the only one who hasn't been keeping up with life in blogland! This is just a quick post to say that we are still alive. We are still kicking. It is my FERVENT goal to do better in 2011. This year, I started my photo-a-day blog and it fizzled after several months. But I started late (I think 18 days into January) and then my good camera was stolen and truth be told, I still mourn its loss TERRIBLY. Few material possessions gave me as much pleasure as my camera/flash/wide angle lens. I got a cheaper camera and I do like it, but it is NOT the same. Okay, now that I've said that out loud, I can move on.

Anyway... I plan to try again to post at least one photo a day next year (perhaps more than one if the mood is right). It may be from the Canon or it may be from the iPhone. Time will tell. I'm sad that I haven't kept up this year. It's been quite busy!


  1. So funny that you decided to post the same day I found and added you to my blog! By the way, you are hilarious. I love reading the things you say!

  2. Oh how cool! I'm so glad you added me. The fact that even ONE person saw that post makes me smile! I am pretty sure the world has given up on me! LOL! Okay... I want an invite to your blog too! :)