Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hemming pants

I know that for most of general population, hemming pants isn't a big deal. But for me, it most certainly is. You see, my mother tried to teach me domestic things but I what can I say? I was a rebel. And being the stubborn child that I am, these domestic things have to be my ideas or else I'm not really all that interested. Hmmm... sort of reminds me of that scene out of "Father of the Bride"... where Stanley Banks suggests to his daughter that she take a coat with her and she shrugs him off and says she'll be fine. But then her fiancee makes the same suggestion and she turns around and grabs the coat. Fast forward to 1:33 if you want to see it!

Anyway... here's the story. The boys needed pants. Badly. So we went out to JCPenney two nights ago because we'd had good luck there before. They are both difficult to shop for, Ethan especially. They are both shaped like their dad... they are tall, but have longer torsos and shorter legs. They are also not skinny children. ;-) This means that if the length is good, the waist is too small. If the waist fits well, they are much too long. This shopping experience was no different. Secretly, despite repeated disappointment, I cross my fingers before each shopping experience in hopes that I will actually find pants that work for both the waist and length. In the words of Westley (Princess Bride), I should really "Get used to disappointment"!

So while I was perusing the sea of pants available in the boys department, I found a clearance rack of really nice corduroy pants! And I could tell by the sizing that Ethan would be able to wear them. These were originally nearly $40 a pair! No way would I spend that much on a pair of pants, but these things were marked down to just $7.50 a pair! So we picked up two pair. The bad news? They were WAY too long. I knew we'd either have to hire someone to alter them (therby giving away part of the discount on the pants) or I'd have ot suck it up and learn how to hem them.

Last night, I googled "How to hem pants" and came up with a FABULOUS YouTube video on how to do this. I was so excited to find the video and immediately set to work. I couldn't believe how easy it was and thankfully, I now have two pair of pants that look really good! (Well, if I do say so myself, that is.) Here is the video as well as a picture of the finished product!

I should add here... I almost didn't hem these last night. Ethan was sick and I didn't want to run out and purchase the right colored thread. Well, it must have been an omen because I opened my little sewing box and found only two spools of thread (besides the standard black and white)... and the two colors were nearly an exact match for these two pair of pants! I saw it as a sign and set to work!

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  1. Good for you!!! Shows what Moms can do if we make up our minds. They turned out great.