Monday, September 28, 2009

A night out with friends

On Friday night, we had to run errands in Mill Creek so we met up with Chris Smith and his daughter Morgan. I was sorry that his wife and two other daughters couldn't come. Anna had to stay home with the other two girls, who were sick. But we sure had fun with Chris and Morgan! Mike has known Chris and Anna since before we were married. And Morgan (their first daughter) was born shortly after we got married. It has been so fun to see their family grow over the years. We couldn't get over Morgan... she has blossomed into this beautiful young woman. She is so sweet and well mannered!! The boys had a lot of fun with her!

We went to a place called El Paraiso Mexican Grill in Everett and I have to say, the food and service were awesome! Plus, Chris hooked us up with a 20% discount, which always helps matters. Then we walked over to Baskin Robbins and enjoyed some ice cream and just talked and got caught up (and Facebook'd all the pictures as soon as they were taken!) It was a really fun evening and I'm so glad we all got to get together. Next time hopefully the whole family can come!

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