Thursday, February 21, 2008

Evan cooks!

Evan is our little chef. He absolutely LOVES to cook and whenver I'm in the kitchen, he'll drop whatever he's doing (yes, even video games!) in order to be a part of things. Two nights ago, Evan made us spaghetti! I got out the heavy pot. I dumped in the ground beef and he began to chunk it and stir it up. I measured out some salt and he threw it in and stirred. He sprinkled the garlic powder in and then added the sauce. He tended his pot well and was very proud of his efforts! I made some fettucine noodles for this and he was in 7th heaven at dinner! Here are some pictures... can you tell he had a great time? Check out the pose of him smelling his creation... all he's missing is the tall, white chef's hat and a French accent!

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