Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Life

For his birthday, Ethan asked for a cherry tree. He'd seen the plantings for sale at Costco and really wanted one. To say that Ethan loves cherries would be an understatement! Some people might think it strange to get your kid a tree for his birthday, but it made him so happy and it was probably among the best $10 we've spent! Aside from that, Mike also picked up a couple of blueberry plantings as well as a two lilac plantings. About four days ago, the guys all put on their gloves, grabbed their shovels and started digging!
Today Ethan and I went outside to water the plants. Evan refused to participate so it was a private moment for the two of us. Ethan really does feel responsible for his cherry tree and was all too happy to go out and care for it. I caught some beautiful pictures of him out there, having fun!

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