Friday, September 12, 2008


In a previous entry way back in May, titled "Seedlings", I talked about how we planted sunflower seeds. I had never planted from seeds before and was afraid they wouldn't "take". I was so excited to see the little seedlings sprout out of the ground! Well, unfortunately, I didn't take more photographs during the growth. Mike did take the camera out and shot these pictures. Needless to say, they GREW... and GREW!! We had a LOT of fun looking out the window each day and seeing these flowers bloom and add SO much vibrance and beauty to our backyard. They ended up reaching the eaves of the roof! They were so tall that we could see them over the fence whenever we would drive up the culdesac! It was so fun to come around the corner and see the brilliant yellow hues over the top of the fence. Unfortunately, I didn't stake them and most of them eventually fell over. Next year, I'll be sure and stake them well. The birds had a heyday with the seeds!

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  1. I LOVE sunflowers and for the past several years I have planted them on the south side of the house where I can see them from the office window and the kitchen window. Next year I suspect you will discover, as I did, that they have reseeded themselves and are growing abundantly...and often in the most unexpected places!