Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby love!!

Good news has come to us not once, but TWICE this week! We found out that our family will be growing by two more babies!! I get a new niece or nephew on each side and I'm so excited.

Nikki (my brother's wife) announced that she is pregnant with baby #2. And Mary (Mike's sister) and her family called us up today to announce that she is pregnant with baby #5! It's funny because Nikki and Mary are both at right about the same stage of pregnancy... somewhere in the 6-week range. So it looks like these babies will be arriving around the same time... December or January. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

Jay actually sent Mike a text message while we were at church today. We were initially worried by the way it was worded and thought perhaps there was a family emergency. So after sacrament meeting, we went outside to the parking lot. Jay made sure we were on speaker and that all four of us could hear as they shouted in unison, "We're having a baby!!" I was so shocked! I had to clarify that I'd heard correctly!

Congratulations Nikki and Mary!! Be sure and let us know when you find out the gender!!

Love you both!!

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