Monday, June 8, 2009

Sick Boy

My poor Evan is not feeling well. We took the kids to the movies on Friday night to celebrate Evan's birthday (I'll be working this coming weekend). While sitting there in the theater, he began sniffling like crazy. He also got tired... REALLY tired. He was so tired at one point that he removed his 3D glasses, handed them to me, and then curled up on two seats and went to sleep for a bit. Poor little guy. Since then, he's been hacking and sniffling and just complaining of generalized ickiness. He's so tired of having "snots" as he says. He's had a good attitude through it all though.

I do believe that he is going through a growth spurt as well. Ethan actually did the same thing right about the same time he turned 6 too. Evan has been eating like a mad boy and packing on a lot of weight... none of his clothes fit well at ALL. Ethan did the same thing. Now all of a sudden he's sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. He slept at the movies Friday night and then came home and slept all night long. On Saturday he woke up and slept in the car while running errands with Mike. Then he came home and fell asleep on the couch. (The picture above is from that time... Ethan was kind enough to get him a pillow, blanket, a bottle of flavored water, a flower, and the use of his special blanket to help comfort him!) Then he slept all night again. Today, he took a nap on the couch as well. So that's my assessment... feeling sick and growing... all at the same time. Poor boy! I doubt he'll be well enough for school tomorrow (he sounds terrible). I hope he's better by mid-week. His birthday is Thursday and I am making cupcakes to take to his kindergarten class!

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