Sunday, November 15, 2009

Geocaching here we come!

I know we are late coming to geocaching, but I'm super excited. I have heretofore been unable to justify the expenditure of a good GPS device to go caching with. So I've been waiting and holding out. Well, the wait is over (and it was worth it). Now that we have iPhones, the world of geocaching has been opened up to us for a sweet price... namely $9.99. Yes, the official site has its own app for the iPhone and it's ridiculously priced. I was convinced to get it by a friend who is an avid cacher. He has been caching with a GPS but earlier this month he purchased an iPhone and the app and has used it successfully. So I downloaded it tonight and we can't WAIT to go treasure hunting! I am especially excited for summer when we will have nicer weather to do that. I looked and apparently there are a ton of caches right here in our neighborhood. Ethan is especially excited! I foresee a lot of adventures coming!!

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