Thursday, February 4, 2010

Face2Face Billy Joel & Elton John

I had the grand opportunity of FINALLY getting to see Billy Joel and Elton John... TOGETHER on one stage! I have such a deep respect for both of these musicians. They are legends in their own time. Both are insanely talented and to see them together was an absolute treat!!

I went with Jodi, Jaime, and Jaime's sister-in-law Melissa. We had so much fun! We found great parking and then grabbed some food in the Seattle Center House. Then we headed over to Key Arena for the show. We sat at the very stop of the venue, but it was okay. It was kind of nice not having anyone behind us. I was a little miffed at how tight the seats were packed in and I was also frustrated that we could not really see either of the screens that were up. But oh well... we still had a decent view of the stage and I thought the sound system was pretty good. We could still hear the artists when they were speaking, even if the crowd was loud.

Seeing these guys was a real dream for me. I admit that I'm a much bigger fan of Billy Joel than I am of Elton John, so I was more excited when Billy sang. He sang so many of my favorite songs! We did a lot of screaming and by the time we got done our hearing was pretty muffled!

All in all a fun night and I'm so happy I got to enjoy it with friends. Here are some pictures from the night. Thanks to Jaime for the photos!!

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