Monday, February 8, 2010

Today in pictures

For Project 365, I can only choose one photo for the day. I took several others today and wanted to post them. These were all taken with my iPhone.

This is the crosswalk we use each day to get to and from school:

This is the road that leads to home:

Less than 1,ooo miles until my baby turns 100,000 She's been so good to me and I fully expect her to easily go another 100K:

One of my favorite places on the planet:

320th and winter trees:

Strange to put a toilet here, but for one thing, my boys will crack up laughing when they see this. For another, a very proud 6-year-old in my home cleaned this all by himself. Not only that, but he cleaned the floor and after I snapped these pictures, he cleaned the sink as well. But that's not even the most amazing part... he did it without ANY whining or complaining. He did it cheerfully and was so proud of himself. You can tell by the look on his face! I'm so proud of both my boys today, who cheerfully and quickly cleaned up this afternoon!!

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  1. That's an impressive job for a 6-year old! Now may I borrow him??