Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beach Day

Yesterday when I got home from work, I was tired, which is pretty typical when I've worked 3 12's in a row. I gave the boys control of the remote and told them I was crashing out on the couch. I gave them snacks and then slept for a couple of hours. When I woke up, I was surprised... no drama, nothing destroyed... they weren't even fighting! Besides that, the sun was shining and it was WARM! The sun was calling to me, luring me up and out of the house... seems to be such a fleeting phenomena lately.

We grabbed the camera, a backpack, and a few bottles of water and headed out. We then stopped and grabbed a few cheeseburgers and some Blizzards and made our way down to the water. We went to Dash Point State Park, which is our piece of backyard heaven. I can't even begin to express how blessed I feel to live just five minutes from this water mecca, with all it's water, vast beach, and beauty. It was an absolutely PERFECT day out. I figured we'd stay for an hour or so. I had to beg the kids to leave around 5pm... nearly three hours after we'd arrived.

I love the beach. I grew up surrounded by the sea, so I feel like it's a major connection to home for me. The briny smell of salt and the seaweed drying in the sun just takes me right back. There is something so serene about pacific waters. It's a very humbling experience to stand on a vast beach and realize just how small and insignificant you are in the grand scheme of things. Spending time near the ocean (or the sound, which is still ocean water) nearly always strengthens my testimony of God's infinite love for His children and the power of creation. Yesterday was no different.

It was a neat day at the beach yesterday. It was pretty crowded, but it seemed like EVERYONE there was just out to have a good time. EVERYONE was smiling. People smiled at each other. The teenagers were all there with their sand boards and friends. Kids were everywhere. And the dogs were having the time of their lives too. I think everyone has felt the absence of the sun in our world and all were anxious to just be happy and soak up the rays. There was a very prominent feeling of perfect happiness among the crowd that was there.

I didn't take bathing suits. I figured the kids would just play in the sand. Besides, just because it's warm out, doesn't mean our Puget Sound waters are warm. But yesterday they were. At first I told the kids not to get wet. But after awhile, I realized it was inevitable. And how could I stop them really? When would we have another grand opportunity? Besides, we live five minutes up the road, so it wasn't a big deal. Next time, I'll plan differently! Evan wound up riding home bottomless because his clothes were soaked!

The kids had a fabulous time. Evan began packing sand across a log that spans the little stream that empties into the sound. And before long, he had attracted 5 or 6 other kids to his little area and all of them began working together on a sand project. It really warmed my heart. It was such a nice group of kids and they were all polite to each other and played so well. I could hear them all asking, "What's your name? Wanna play with us?" There was Evan, William, Ethan, Andy (the lone girl in the group!) and two other Evans. It was funny having three Evans there. Everytime someone called, "Evan!", all three boys looked up.

Around 5pm, the afternoon beach-goers started packing up as the evening picnickers began filtering in. I finally pried the kids away and we headed home. We met Mike for dinner and then took the kids to Cold Stone to spend some money that Tutu had sent for them. They were dying to go and get the ice cream she suggested! Even grandpa joined us for dinner and ice cream. It was fun!

Here are some pictures of our beautiful day. And boy am I glad we took advantage because this morning, I'm looking out my window and we are back to the typical cold, doom and gloom... it's VERY gray and chilly out this morning. If I hadn't experienced the sunshine myself yesterday, I might not believe it had made such a grand appearance!

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