Thursday, June 26, 2008

The family that walks together...

...stays together!

So on Sunday afternoon, we went walking as a family together. It was hot and sunny... just the sort of weather we pacific northwesterners have been waiting for! We walked around the neighborhood and explored some new areas around where we live. It was hot and the kids were w-h-i-n-y. As we walked we realized that our kids really shouldn't be so whiny over a simple walk and it hit us that we have a lot of work to do with them. We need to keep them active... and we need to be active ourselves. So we vowed to keep these kids active this summer and try to go walking everyday. I'm really happy to report on our progress thus far...

On Monday, we took a different path around the neighborhood. We still had whiny kids, but that's okay! On Tuesday, I had to work. Grandma and Loral came over that night and I just couldn't take the time to go with them. They all went for a walk and then played at the park. But, I still jumped on the treadmill and did a brisk 25-minute walk. Then I showered and headed off to work. Yesterday, we did a longer walk around the neighborhood and got to discover some really cool areas right around the corner from us. We've lived here for over 7 years now and had no idea some of these places existed.

And that brings me to today... Today was our jackpot hike/walk! By the way, the kids have gotten less whiny everyday... go figure! Yesterday kept saying, "I don't like walking. I like hiking!" So Mike obliged him today. We started out "walking"... headed across the street and through the elementary school playground. At the back of the school is a trail that goes into the next neighborhood. We walked through that neighborhood, down the hill and then headed over to the apartment complex across the street from the chapel. At the back of that complex is a trail through the woods that goes all the way down to Dash Point State Park. We took it all the way!! I had no idea we'd gone that far until we got there. I was so excited! It was a really fun hike through the woods and although the kids were a little whiny, for the most part they did really well. We walked around the campground and then headed back up the trail and took the fork that lead out to Hoyt Rd and then headed home. We had a BLAST... and the whole venture only took us an hour and ten minutes!

I'm so happy... it's getting easier and easier for me to trek and keep up without feeling winded and exhausted. I am really enjoying these walks with my family and I do think it's an activity that really brings us closer together. We get to talk and explore and just be with each other. Plus, it's keeping us all active and moving. Besides all that, we are going camping next week and we are super excited about being at Rialto Beach and the Mora Campground. Also, there is an awesome hike from First Beach to Second Beach in La Push. When we were there two years ago, I stayed behind and didn't go on the hike. Not so this year! I will be doing that hike. Mike wants us to try and do the hike every day. I think it's a novel idea!

Anyway... so thus far, these are our adventures in hiking and walking. I told Mike that we should really look into geocaching. I know Ethan would have an absolute blast doing it.

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