Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Evan!

Dear Evan:

I meant to have this posted on your actual June 11th birthday, but I didn’t make it! I still wanted you to have this birthday letter!

I can’t believe you are five years old! What a little man you have become. Just five short years ago, I experienced the thrill of holding you in my arms for the first time. It was such a sweet, sweet moment. You were the snuggliest, cuddliest, num-num baby! You loved just sleeping with me in my hospital bed. I was so blessed when you were born. You would sleep for five long hours at a time and you really gave me good sleep during those first couple of months. Come to think of it, you’ve always been such an amazing sleeper.

During that first year, we watched your tenacity. You were never to be stopped by anything and you always had a look of firm determination on your face as you worked toward those all-important milestones. Rolling, sitting, crawling, and walking were mastered before that first year was over. So many accomplishments! In the second year, you became a bit more competitive with Ethan, yet you were still so laid back. When you turned two, you decided you’d been quiet for long enough and began to grace us with words! And not to be outdone by Ethan, you toilet-trained yourself at age 2 as well!

And in the past three years, you’ve really, really come alive. I admire your sense of determination, your will to never give up and your ability to pick up on things so quickly. We’ll never forget the day you started playing video games. It became quickly apparent that you were going to beat out everyone else, including your dad!

And just look at you now… you’re five! You’re growing up so fast! And this fall you will get to start kindergarten. I’m so proud of you. I’m so blessed to be your mom and so very happy that you came to join our family. I can’t imagine our lives without you! Thank you for bringing me such happiness and joy. Thank you for all the daily snuggles and hugs and kisses. I hope that never goes away. Thank you for being YOU! You teach me far more than I could ever hope to teach you and so for that, thank you for being a teacher. I look forward to recording many, many more lifetime milestones with you. I know that the future is so bright for you and I can hardly wait to experience it all with you!

I love you!



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