Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

(There are several pictures in this blog entry. Some were taken by me and some by Jay! All the kids looked so cute!)

We survived Halloween! Yay! We actually (gasp!) took the time to put costumes together for the kids this year instead of just forking over cash the night before Halloween. I sat the kids down last week and made them come to a final decision! Ethan decided to be a spider and Evan decided on Indiana Jones. They looked so cute!

We spent the holiday out in Port Orchard with Mary and Jay and their family. Rebekah and Emily came along as well. We met up at their house and put the finishing touches on the costumes and then we headed over to their ward for a Halloween party and Trunk-or-Treat festivities. That was a lot of fun! The kids had fun playing games and winning prizes. Later we all went back to the house and enjoyed snacks and Halloween shows while Jay took a slew of pictures of everyone! Here are a bunch of pictures from the night! Besides a spider and Indiana Jones, we also had Samantha the Jedi, Jayson as Superman, Savana the bumblebee, Sierra as Hermione Granger, and Emily as Tinkerbell!

I took off at 9:30 to head back to Federal Way for work. Mike left a couple of hours after that. We left the kids there for the night and took off the next morning for a trip down to Portland. More on that in the next entry!

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