Friday, November 28, 2008

The annual Christmas tree hunt!

Each year we head out to Orting to get our Christmas tree at the Bowman Hilton Farm. You can get any size Douglas fir for $30. Last year, our tree was so large it looked like we stole it out of a department store. So this year we thought we'd downsize a bit. Hahahaha... see, the funny thing about picking a tree out in an open field is that it never looks as big out there as it does once you get it inside the house. So try as we did, we failed at downsizing. In fact, our tree ended up being a bit bigger than it was last year. AJ came with us. Mike and AJ tried getting it into the stand and couldn't. Mike's dad came over later and helped him get it rigged upright. It's gorgeous! As always we had a fun time picking it out. Typically, Mike has to get down on the ground and saw it by hand. But we got lucky this year. The guys who own the farm had chainsaws! Yay!

Here are some pictures from the day's events! The last picture is blurry but I put it there for comparison. Mike is 6'3". That tree is easily 12'. We had to trim it and it still almost reaches the beam in the ceiling!

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