Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight Premiere!!

The night we had been waiting for forever had finally arrived... the premiere of Twilight on the big screen! Mary came over to go to the midnight premiere. My friend Jodi Worrells also came over that night. The three of us left around 9pm for a midnight premiere. The place was PACKED and the movie was showing on three screens! I have to admit, it was a sea of mostly teenage girls! Hahahaha... but we didn't care because even if we didn't LOOK like teenagers, we certainly felt like teens! We sat in the hall (in line) and played games for a bit and then went in and got our seats. We wound up sitting right behind Daucie Wilson and two of her kids, so we had a lot to chat about for another hour.

Then the movie started... there was lots of cheering in audience!! It was a magical experience! We were so excited to be there and we had a LOT of fun!! I'm so glad I got to experience that magic with some special people!

EDITED 12/30/08: I've seen the movie THREE times on the big screen! Jodi came with me again one of those times! And as soon as it hits the $2 theater, I'll be right back there to see it again! (And Jodi says she'll go with me again! Yay!) The DVD is supposed to be out around mid-February. Once I have the DVD and the movie on my iPod, life will be divine. Hahahaha... the next movie in the series, New Moon, begins production this spring. The release date has tentatively been set for November 20, 2009. Will we be back for another midnight premiere? Heck yeah!!! I'm going to try to hit the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in July as well. While Mike steadfastly avoids anything Twilight related, he has said he will be willing to go see Harry Potter at midnight with me! We shall see!

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