Monday, November 3, 2008

Portland getaway!

Mike and I actually went on a little overnight getaway to Portland. Shocking but true, it was our first overnight trip away from the kids!! We just haven't heretofore felt comfortable leaving them (well, I won't speak for Mike... I haven't felt comfortable until now!) But we had an opportunity to go to Portland and hear our favorite financial guru speak and we knew we couldn't pass it up. BLESS MARY AND JAY for taking our children for two days so that we could do this. It was a much, much needed getaway and I think it brought us closer together. Certainly, it solidified to me the need for us to do that once or twice a year.

I had to work Friday night but as soon as I got off, we jumped in the car and headed down to Portland. I slept, on and off, all the way down, but I have to admit that I was still REALLY tired. We grabbed a bite to eat in a little Mexican dive that had great food. After eating, we checked into our hotel and dropped off our bags there. We had a really nice hotel suite!

Then we headed over to the Coliseum, found parking, and walked over. The event was long... 5 hours! I nodded off during parts of it but still really enjoyed it. I'm so glad we went and I know Mike is too.

The guy we went to see is Dave Ramsey. I was introduced to this guy a few years ago and then talked Mike's ear off about him. Mike got intrigued and began listening to him as well. I LOVE Dave! He gives sound, solid advice about getting out of debt and staying there. We have followed his plan before and did really well but then we got lazy and now find ourselves buried again. What I love about Dave is that there are no gimmicks. You don't even have to buy anything to get his plan. It's all on his website for free. There is no "get rich quick" scheme. In fact, he gives advice from a Christian perspective that I really appreciate. He is the only financial guy outside the church that actually endorses and encourages the payment of tithes while you are trying to get out of debt! I love it!

After seeing Dave, we left feeling really good about putting a more solid debt reduction plan into action in our lives. We ate dinner downtown at The Rock Bottom and enjoyed a really nice meal. Then we perused the downtown Portland Borders, where I used my 40% coupon to purchase the 7th and final Harry Potter installment. I'm currently reading book 4, The Goblet of Fire. Then we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed dessert. After that I simply collapsed. My head was pounding and I'd been awake for two days and just couldn't take it anymore. I slept solidly. It helped that we turned back the clocks so we got an extra hour of sleep as well!

The next morning, we had breakfast in the hotel. Then we packed up and checked out. Before heading home, we stopped at Salty's On the Columbia River and enjoyed afternoon brunch. The food was incredible and we had a spectacular time! In my personal, oh so humble opinion, the brunch was worth the chocolate fondue fountain alone! Hahahaha... well, the prime rib and other things were wonderful too!

We took some pictures and then headed out of town.

We stopped in Vancouver for gas and then made a straight shot home to Federal Way. It took us less than 3 hours. It's amazing the kind of time you can make when you aren't having to stop frequently for children! I got home just in time to go to work and work a 12 hour shift. I finished that shift this morning and have been pretty dead all day! Yet here I am, updating the blog instead of going to sleep!!

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