Sunday, December 7, 2008

A baptism and a Nativity experience

Yesterday was a special day for our family. I had to work all night Friday night, but when I got home Saturday morning, we quickly changed clothes and then headed up to Everett for a special baptism. We were honored to be able to attend Alison Smith's baptism. The spirit was so strong there and it was a special experience for us to be there. Alison was simply radiant and happy and the light of Christ shone brightly in her eyes. There was no doubt that she was in tuned with the spirit. What a honor to be there!

When we got done there, we drove home (I slept most of the way, exhausted from a long night at work) and changed clothes. Then we headed down to Port Orchard to Mary & Jay's house. When we got there, I crashed on Mary's bed for a few hours and then we all left and went out to dinner together. After dinner, we headed over to their stake center for a special nativity exhibit. The gym had been transformed into a sea of nativity scenes. There were literally hundreds of them from all corners of the earth and in a myriad of styles. They were made of all sorts of materials... wood, glass, ceramic, paper, coconut husk, yarn, clay, fabric and many other things. They were set up so beautifully and there were humble and gorgeous Christmas decorations and white lights everywhere. I don't think I've ever felt the spirit so strongly at a Christmas event. I was moved to tears several times. There were activities for the children and the choir sand Christmas carols in the chapel. So beautiful and gorgeous. Thanks Mary for inviting us... we had such a wonderful time!

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