Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Christmas gift... MP3 Scriptures!!

I've been trying to find audio scriptures for my iPod. Granted, I haven't looked for awhile. When I looked in the past, I only found the written scriptures, so those have been loaded on my iPod since I first got it. I was at Beehive Books sometime ago and saw the CDs but they are quite pricey. Well, today is my lucky day. I had no idea that the Church HAS THEM right on their website in MP3 format!!! They are free and legally available for downloading! YIPPEEEE!!! So I just finished downloading 1Nephi and will download the rest tomorrow (it takes awhile!) Now I can listen to the scriptures peacefully in bed at night when it's quiet!

Incidentally hymns, church magazines, conference and other materials are also available there in MP3 format!

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