Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell 2008!

It's nearly 10pm as I write this... just two hours left in this year. I can't complain. It's been a very good year. We've stayed busy and had lots of fun. My only regret for this evening is that I will not be ringing in the new year with my family. Alas, I am relegated to work duty in the hospital tonight. It's just one of the "joys" of being a nurse and having to pull weekend and holiday duty. Oh well... it pays the bills right? Mike has taken off with the boys to pick up AJ and meet up with Roy. They are going on a ferry ride to Bainbridge island tonight to watch the fireworks from that side of the water. Someday I'll go along! Well, I'm off to work... I'm taking a couple of bottles of sparkling cider with me so that if we have a moment at the strike of midnight, we can maybe have a little bubbly and ring in the new year. So long 2008.... I look forward with great anticipation to 2009. 2009 brings with it Ethan's 7th birthday, my 10th wedding anniversary, my 20-year high school reunion, Evan's 6th birthday, and my brother's graduation from the Honolulu Police Academy. Lots to be thankful for! Happy New Year!!!!

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