Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Snow!

Yes, we got even more snow. And the funny thing is, I quit taking pictures. It got even worse than these pictures show. We had a good six inches on the ground and it stuck around for a couple of weeks! This week we are finally thawing out and all but a few patches here and there have melted away and given way to green grass and black pavement once again. It was fun while it lasted, but I can't say I'm too upset about its departure. It was certainly beautiful, but I like walking around outside without feeling like I'm taking my life in my hands. The parking lot at work has been particularly treacherous. The whole lot is outside (not covered). They salted the sidewalks, but not the roads. So after a few days, a very thick layer of ice formed and it was basically a skating rink out there! It's a LONG walk from the lot into the hospital so it was daunting. Thankfully, I had a week-long stretch of days off during most of this snowy weather.

Here are some more pictures. The boys (including Mike!) had fun outside. They joined in the fun with our neighbors and built a snowman as well as an IGLOO! Mike spent close to four hours working on the that igloo and we got lots of fun comments about it. It sat at the top of our driveway for well over a week. It's finally melted away but the kids sure had fun with it while it lasted. The other little boy in the pictures is our neighbor Mikhail. He's lived next door since he was a baby and the boys love playing with him.

The other fun thing about the snow and ice is having a slanted driveway! It makes for perfect sledding conditions!! The boys got the snow sleds out and had a blast sliding down the driveway. It was icy enough that they'd slide down the driveway and then just continue right on out to about the middle of the culdesac. Fun!

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