Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our first lapbook!

Just want to give a shout to my friend Kristi for turning me on to lapbooking! I had heard of lapbooks before but never really gave them a try. She sent me a few links several days ago and the rest is history. I think we'll be doing a LOT more of these in the near future. They are RIGHT up Ethan's creative alley. You can find out more information on lapbooks here if you are interested.

Anyway... I went out and bought some file folders today. I thought we could start by doing a solar system lapbook since Ethan enjoys studying space a lot. But oh no... my wonderful son has been wanting to study something else for quite some time lately. Trucks? Space? Sports? No Way! My Ethan has had a burning desire to learn more about the duck-billed platypus!! Yes, you read correctly... the PLATYPUS! So our first lapbook is about that! We spent several hours this evening researching and printing. Our first book will be very simple. But I can tell you this... I know WAY more about the platypus than I ever wanted to. I can tell you where they live, about their diet, habitat, life expetancy, predators, and the interesting factoids that set them apart from most other mammals! I feel so enlightened! We will finish it tomorrow... then I'll post pictures!

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