Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hilary Weeks

Okay... Hilary Weeks is one of my all time favorite singers. She has a voice that is so magical. I was so blessed to be able to see her at Time Out For women this past weekend. Wait... not only did I get to see her, but I got to meet her, chat with her, have her sign my CD, and take pictures with her! It was most definitely a highlight of the day! She is the sweetest, kindest person and as someone else at the conference said, you can hear her testimony of the Savior as she sings. She also has an amazing sense of humor! She had us in stitches! Another thing that just struck me so poignantly about Hilary is that she is really just one of us... she's a mom who has her own fair share of trials. And she must work to strengthen her testimony the way the rest of us do. I am not surprised by that, of course. But when you hear one of your favorite singers all the time, somehow you just don't picture them having parenting struggles, sassy teenagers, health problems, and stress in general. It's nice to know she's "real"!

I wanted to go up and ask her to sign my CD, but I sort of chickened out. Thankfully, Mary talked some sense into me! She really pushed me and said, "Come on Christina. You love her. This will be your only chance!" So she came with me. We trekked all the way down to the stage and when we got there, I couldn't believe I had left my camera back at my seat! Mary was kind enough to go back and get it for me. I didn't even know she had done that until she came back with it. I'm SO grateful! THANK YOU MARY!! I'm glad Mary had the camera because otherwise I would have no shots at all. There was a woman behind me named Dawn who also had a camera. She took a group shot of me, Mary, and Hilary together and was supposed to email it to me. But as of today, I haven't received it. :-( Oh well. I have the memory in my heart if nothing else.

Here are some shots!!

Here's the CD case cover she signed for me:

Talking to fans:

Talking to me:

Mary and Hilary:

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