Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More from July

July 11: I was on my way to work and thought the sun and clouds looked wonderful. I snapped this picture with my phone while sitting at a red light!

July 13: Mary gave me some fresh lavender from her yard! Mmmmm... it smells so lovely! I took this picture. The bouquet is still hanging in the same spot in my kitchen!

July 16: We had a fun afternoon at Treasure Island park! Here are a few shots of the boys. Incidentally, this was also the same day that Good Samaritan Hospital called me back after I applied for a per diem position there. Since that time, I have interviewed and have been offered a job there in the Special Care Nursery! I start on September 21!

July 17: We met with friends at the Dumas Bay Park wildlife sanctuary and had a great time!

July 19: We spent an absolutely gorgeous day together as a family. We went down to Puyallup and caught the tail end of the open market there. I got a lovely bouquet of flowers there for just $5!

I'll post the rest of July in a separate entry! This post is surely long enough!

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