Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Northwest Trek, treasures, & beating the heat!

***Every picture in this entry was taken with my iPhone***

I can't recall the day in July, but sometime during the month Mike took the boys to the ward picnic and Ethan participated in the watermelon eating contest!

July 20: One of the nurses I work with (Lynne F.) was kind enough to invite us to Northwest Trek. She also used her family pass and got us all in for free! WHAT A TREAT!! We had an absolute blast and I can't wait to go back someday. I'd love to go in the winter because I've heard that you can actually see more animals since they aren't hiding from the sun! After going around the whole park, we sat at a table there and had lunch. July 21: The kids got really creative with the hose, the water sprayer, and the trampoline!

July 23: My husband is the best! He brought these home for me because he knows how much I love fresh flowers! July 24: My friend Carol at work (the blond nurse in the picture) knows how much I love Twilight and got me a really cool Twilight blanket!! Ruby also loves Twilight and posed for a picture with Edward. This is gonna be a SWEET couch blanket this fall and winter! July 29: HOT HOT HOT!!! We had temps >100F this week and it was just sweltering. I was never so grateful for my portable air conditioner in my bedroom!! There were times when we holed up in my bedroom and the kids watched movies on my iPhone. It was THAT hot. In fact, we ALL slept in our bedroom the whole week. We brought one of the boys' mattress toppers in and put it on the floor of our bedroom and they slept on that. At least we all got decent sleep!

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