Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome to Seattle Aunty Lynne!

My mom arrived from Hawaii on Thursday night. The following morning, Aunty Lynne arrived from Salt Lake City. I was SOOOO happy she decided to come! She is like a second mother to me and I really miss her. Last May, we were all together again for her son William's wedding. Prior to that, the three of us hadn't been under the same roof (and I hadn't seen Lynne) since my brother's high school graduation in 2000. And I have no idea when we'll be able to coordinate a meeting like this again in the future. So it was nice to have her here! She flew in Friday morning and was supposed to leave Sunday afternoon but couldn't get on a flight so she stayed with us one more night and left on Monday. Poor thing... she had to fly out to Spokane first and then catch a connecting flight out to SLC. What a harrowing ordeal! I'm sorry she had to jump through such crazy hoops to get home but I'm sure glad she chose to come and visit us!!

On Saturday morning, we (me, my mom and Lynne) took off and headed up to downtown Seattle so we could show Lynne Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. I absolutely LOVE wandering through Pike Place. The sites, sounds, and smells are so inviting! There is eye candy wherever you look and you only need follow the aromas to be led to some really good eats! Here are some pictures from the market (all taken on the iPhone):

After we left Pike Place, we drove up and saw the Space Needle in passing. Then we headed over I-90 and across Lake Washington to see the Seattle Temple. It was a pristine afternoon for viewing the temple!

After leaving the temple, we headed back down south. We went to Burger Express in Federal Way for lunch and had some really tasty burgers! And then it was off to work for me! Thanks for coming Aunty Lynne... it was so much fun having you here and I hope we get to do it again someday!!

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