Friday, January 8, 2010

Testing mobile blogging

Testing out mobile blogging.

Edited to add: FINALLY... FINALLY I GOT THE MOBILE BLOGGING TO WORK! So frustrating... I set up MMS with my phone but no matter how many times I tried, I couldn't get anything I texted to post. Finally investigated and found out that AT&T is not supported by Blogger for some people right now, despite the fact that they've been using it for a long time already. It's okay... iPhone lets me email things just as easily as I can MMS them so it's no biggie. I'm just excited that I can finally EASILY post this stuff to my blog from wherever I am. Sometimes you get a good video or a cool shot and you want to post it right away. Also, if we were to go on vacation, we could easily blog parts of the vacation right from our phones. I love modern technology. More specifically, I love my iPhone! :-)

By the way... the above shot was just a picture I was using to test out mobile blogging. I caught the boys in a rare moment of working in harmony on a project together. Ahhh... Legos bring people together!

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