Friday, January 15, 2010

Pray for Haiti

On January 12, the country of Haiti was struck by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Its epicenter was just off the capital city of Port-au-Prince. It is feared that the death toll from this quake will surpass 100,000. My heart is so heavy for the Haitian community.

I must admit that today was the first day I allowed myself to even look at a news story or look at any photographs of the devastation. I just couldn't bring myself to do it before. My heart sank when I saw the photos. It is utter destruction. The capitol building has been destroyed. No one has a home to go to. People are sleeping in parks, in the streets, on mattresses outside their homes, and in other areas. For the first day, people were helpful and peaceable. But things have turned ugly and violent and there are widespread stories of gang fights, looters, and people fighting over food with machetes. Machetes! I can only imagine how terrified these people are. Can you imagine trying to secure food for your children only to be threatened or killed by a machete blow? There are other stories of entire families obliterated... or a parent left to mourn the loss of all of her children. The United Nations building was destroyed, along with dozens of UN workers.

It seems the world is coming together to try and render aid to these people. Doctors and nurses are needed. This is the first time I ever actually found myself wanting to go and help. But I have my own small children to attend to right now and I too must work. Perhaps someday I can serve other people in that capacity.

My heart is just so heavy. I feel guilty typing on this computer... I feel guilty that I am able to sit in my comfortable home with a light on. I had a lovely meal this evening with my family. I live in a safe neighborhood and in a peaceful home. I have bathrooms with flushing toilets and a kitchen with running water (running HOT water). And the people of Haiti have nothing right now.

Please pray for the people of Haiti.

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