Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ward Conference


We had such an awesome ward conference today! I was so uplifted and I felt like each and every message was delivered for me personally. I got so much out of today's lessons!

I have a quick thought I wanted to share... a highlight of sorts...

We were late for church today (grrr) but it wound up being a good thing. There was absolutely no place to sit in the chapel so we wound up sitting on the chairs in the foyer. I found that for me personally, it was a perfect place to sit. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I am sensitive to a lot of different kinds of noises. I found it was pretty quiet in the foyer and there was a lot less distraction... less light, less people, less noise. Plus, the speaker is right in the middle and I could hear everything really well. I actually got a lot out of the talks by sitting out there. (Oh, have I mentioned that the couches are comfy too? Maybe I shouldn't post that... everyone else will be vying for a spot out there!)

As I sat listening to the talks, I was spiritually edified and uplifted. Our stake president, President Nicholls spoke in the second half of the meeting. During his talk, I was watching various parents come and go from the chapel with wiggly little children. They were all so cute. At one point, a father was out walking with his little toddler. He seemed genuinely interested in everything that was going on out there. But something happened that just warmed my heart and really testified of the spirit...

As this father walked past the picture of Jesus Christ that is in the foyer, this little boy swung himself around in his dad's arms and reached right out for that portrait. The look on his face was priceless... as though he was thinking, "Hey wait. Stop. I know this man. He is my friend." The recognition in his eyes was undeniable. Just seconds after this occurred, President Nicholls began talking about the Holy Spirit. He said something to the effect of (not an exact quote, sorry): "Have you felt the Holy Spirit today? When you feel that feeling, it's telling you that this is the way. This is the path to follow." And I just began to cry as I sat there... because as he spoke, this little boy was illustrating the point so eloquently. Indeed, Jesus Christ is the way. Even as a small child who can't yet express those feelings verbally, he knows. It was a beautiful moment... one in which the sun and stars and planets seem to line up perfectly to deliver a message loud and clear. I'm so thankful for that experience today!

I am so happy I was at church today!

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  1. Christina that meant a lot to me. We show Tyler pictures of Jesus all the time at home and he recognizes him and even the first time I knew Tyler knew who He was. Your testimony is so sweet and I really needed it today. Thanks.