Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Farts and toilet ladybugs!

What is it about bodily functions that amuses children so? What is so funny about farts? Is it the smell? Or the sound? Or the fact that it's a "forbidden" thing? I suppose it's a combination of all of the above! Ethan and Evan were on a roll today... all they seemed to be able to talk about was farts!! In fact, between the two of them, I'd say they easily drew about 30 different pictures. Each one was basically the same... someone (ahem) farting. Yes, indeed. And each time they drew one, they would squeal (literally) with excitement and laughter. I guess the good part is that my house was filled with tons and tons of laughter today! And of course funny-guy-Mike got in on it... he made it more funny by suggesting that the only thing missing from the pictures was a cloud of gas! This of course elicited even more laughter!

And while we're on the subject of funny words, yesterday Mike was perusing a magazine and came across an ad for a toy called the "Twilight Ladybug". It's actually pretty cool and truth be told, after reading about it, I really want one! Anyway... he was reading me the ad out loud and when he said, "Twilight Ladybug", the boys burst into gut laughter. It was as though it was the funniest thing they'd ever heard. So we spent the next several minutes finding (and making up) every excuse to say the words again, just to hear them laugh! Today was no exception. When they weren't talking about farts, they were talking about twilight ladybugs... EXCEPT...

I heard Ethan saying it and "twilight" isn't what he said. As I listened very carefully, I finally realized what was so darned funny about "twilight ladybugs"... the boys thought we were saying "TOILET ladybugs"! And that's what they were repeating! Too cute and oh so funny! So once again, it was something having to do with a bodily function that causes so much joy and laughter. Last year the Pacific Science Museum did a whole exhibit entitled "Grossology". It was all about bodily functions... everything from burping to farting to peeing and pooping. It was... well... gross... but super fun and enteraining! Ahhh... life with boys! I wouldn't trade it!

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