Friday, March 28, 2008

Thoughts on raising a couple of pyromaniacs

So Mike decided to break in our "new" fireplace last night! The fireplace itself is not new, but it recently got a face lift (we tiled over the brick) and a new set of doors. It's really beautiful and we're happy with how it came out! Mike lit a log and tossed it in and boy was it beautiful. He also lit a couple of candles on top of the mantel. The effect was really pretty. Some time later, Ethan brought us a piece of paper that was burned and charred on the edges. Apparently, Evan had been playing with the candle flame and when Mike went to look, there were ashes on the floor. Aye, aye, aye!! So Evan got yelled at sufficiently.

It reminds me... not so long ago (maybe 6 months?), Ethan came out of the bathroom screaming and yelling. Obviously there was something seriously wrong. I ran in there and was shocked to see, on my bathroom vanity, a large piece of cardboard... BURNING! Big flames! I can't remember how he did it. I think he figured out how to light a match. But I have to say it made my heart race. If he had decided to toss it into the paper-filled garbage and then walked away in an attempt to hide it, we could have lost our whole house.

But I can't be too angry... I distinctly remember when I was just about his age. We were visiting someone else's home and I thought it would be funny to try and light matches myself. I succeeded and then got scared so I dropped the match onto the CARPET and stomped on it. Thankfully I had shoes on. But it didn't stop my cousin from telling on me and boy did I get in serious trouble. I think I can actually remember the spankings and the way they felt.

We don't want our kids to be afraid of fire and we don't want to ban them from fire. Our goal is to teach them to use matches responsibly and only after asking and only in our presence. Crazy!

Here are some pictures from last night:

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