Saturday, March 22, 2008

Making books

Susan Gaylord has a website called Making Books with Children. It's a cool site and I've been receiving her newsletters for some time. Yesterday, she sent a newsletter that had links to some You Tube videos she has made. Unable to resist, I began watching them. Ethan happened to be watching too and was excited. He hurriedly said, "I can make a book mom", after which he stapled three pieces of paper together and called it good. So I set out to make her Accordion Book. How easy! And what a great way to reuse paper and make the kids feel proud of themselves. After we had assembled the books, the kids decorated them with drawings, pictures, macaroni, and glitter. I have to say, I was proud of them and they had a lot of fun. Evan kept on saying, "Thanks for doing this with us mom!" Who knew I'd get such kudos from something so simple!

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