Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ox-Cart Man

Today for language arts, we read Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall. Ethan had actually already heard this story once before and several months ago he got to see a Reading Rainbow special about it. So he was excited to be reading something familiar today.

We talked about what life was like 200 years ago. The Ox-Cart Man packed up all the things his family had grown or made over the previous seasons and loaded them all up on his cart. He had to walk for 10 days to get to the market in Portsmouth where he sold every single thing, including his cart and ox. He used the money to buy a new kettle, an embroidery needle for his daughter, a whittling knife for his son and some wintergreen peppermint candies. Then he made the long journey home. We talked about how it only takes us a few minutes to get to the store, not 10 days. We talked about how hard they had to labor, physically, 200 years ago. The kids had fun and then they got to make a cart booklet and color it. They also drew pictures inside the booklet of the things that Ox-Cart Man took to town, including mittens, wool, apples, cabbage, turnips, birch brooms, a shawl, potatoes, a blanket, goose feathers and other things. We did all of this at our new desk that Grandpa helped us put together last night. It was fun!!

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