Monday, March 17, 2008

Life outside the bathroom window

Life is what we make it right? That said, we can even find beauty outside the bathroom window. Since Ethan planted his cherry tree out there just about one month ago, it's been a fun place to hang out and watch its progress. We've had some unseasonably sunny days, combined with healthy doses of northwest rain and as a result, our little cherry tree has been thriving. Here's crossing fingers that it continues on that path! The first picture is of the tree right after we planted it. I think it's been just about one month to the day since we put it in the ground. The second picture was taken today. Note the new foliage on the branches. How exciting!! The best part is that due to all the springlike rain we've had, we haven't had to water it but once or twice. I know that will change come summer! And hey... it's St. Patrick's Day... so it seems only fitting that I post something green today!

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