Saturday, March 22, 2008

More stones?

My poor Mike. It's been exactly a month since Mike's ordeal with kidney stones began. Yes... because it happened the weekend of Ted's wedding, which was February 23rd. A couple of days ago, Mike started urinating some blood again and there were some black flecks that came out. Honestly, I wasn't worried. I just figured some remaining stone fragments were coming down. It got better and the urine cleared. Yesterday, he packed up our kids, Stephanie, AJ, and Jorrell and went out to Mary and Jay's in Port Orchard to spend the night. Their plan was to have an Easter egg hunt today and a nice meal. Mike called me at work last night. I think it was around 8:30pm or so and started the conversation with, "You're never gonna believe this."

He had started urinating more blood. But worse than that, the flank pain is back. It's on the left side, where the stent is. It's so strange because the urologist told me that everything had been broken up. The stone that was in the left ureter wasn't blasted as finely as the rest, but that's why they put the stent in. And his urine output and symptoms have been fine. So it's so strange. Is this the leftover remnants of that large stone in the left ureter? Has it just taken a month to come out? If so, why? And why so much pain since there is a stent there that should help with its passage? If it has nothing to do with that stone, is it a new stone? And if it's a new stone, how did it get missed on the CT scans? Or if it's a new one, how did it form so quickly? What is Mike eating or not eating or drinking or not drinking that is causing this rapid formation of stones?

So many questions... no answers. He is brining everyone back tonight. I'm really worried about him. He is supposed to have a follow up appointment on Monday... an appointment where they were supposed to possibly remove the stent. He also goes in Monday for follow up films. I hope he makes it that long. If not, it's back to the ER we go. I feel so bad for him. It's hard to see him hurting and worried. SIGH.

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