Thursday, May 7, 2009

Duck Days

After we dropped Evan off at school, Ethan suggested that we head over to the park and feed the ducks. Truth be told, I didn't want to go... at all. I worked a 12-hour shift last night after being up all day yesterday. I did get a little snooze on the couch this morning for a couple of hours, but it was broken sleep. But I looked at him and realized in a split second that I need to hold on to these moments with all my might. I have really, really, REALLY enjoyed having him home with me for 7 years. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord wanted him home these years. He's the sweetest boy. He has his moments, but really he's a mama's boy and I am in love with him. I am getting ready to send him off to school this fall for the first time. And Evan finishes up kindergarten next month. I have very, very few opportunities left to spend with "just us". So I looked at him and said, "Sure we can go." He was so excited.

We gathered up a couple of big ciabatta rolls that were getting a little stale and headed out. And of course we couldn't leave home without the camera. I'm always looking for an opportunity to capture some memories in photographic form. Treasure Island Park is our neighborhood park here in Twin Lakes. It's maintained by the homeowner's association and we have been taking the kids there since they were born. Last year they closed it off for awhile to landscape and do other things and I must say that I am beyond impressed. The grass is so much nicer and it's much, much easier to access the water's edge now. They have really cleaned it up well (not that it wasn't nice before... it's just even nicer now!)

We fed the ducks... and that attracted the birds. Funny... the park has a very healthy population of both black crows and seagulls (thanks to the nearby Puget Sound). The birds fight like crazy over bread. And while the crows make more noise, make no mistake about it... the seagulls are large and in charge. The crows will squak but when the seagulls spread their wings, the crows cower and back off. It was hilarious to watch. Anyway... I kept the birds entertained while Ethan fed the ducks. They were so cute! Then we walked around the park and Ethan climbed up on the equipment briefly before we left.

I'm so glad we went!!

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  1. Nice job seizing these opportunities -- how wise of you to realize there are only so many... We love feeding the ducks too....although by now, it's tooo warm to go do it. Your pictures are gorgeous...