Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Trek, Camping, & Gardening

We had a WONDERFUL Saturday this past weekend! We started the day by getting up and going to the 10:30am showing of Star Trek on the IMAX screen at Southcenter. WOW... a film of EPIC proportions! Mind you, I'm not a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination. I haven't watched any of the other ten films, nor have I ever watched any of the televisions series either. I went kicking and screaming (a little) because Mike really wanted to go. And after all, he DID sit and watch Twilight with me last week, which was a HUGE sacrifice on his part. So I went... and I was pleasantly surprised!

Knowing nothing about Star Trek (other than the names Cap'n Kirk, Scottie, Spock, etc.), I was able to follow the story well. They gave enough back story that I got a pretty comprehensive Star Trek history and still was able to enjoy a great story with just the right amount of action, plot, character development, and humor. I highly recommend it, especially if you can see it on an IMAX screen!

After the movies, we went down to Auburn to Sam's Club. Mike bought his birthday present there... a new camping tent! My husband has a thing for tents. We've been married 10 years... I think this is our 4th or 5th tent. Keep in mind we still have all the other ones in the garage. He just always finds better ones. I told him to keep the old ones... the boys will be coming up through Boy Scouts pretty soon and they will make good use of them.

This new tent really is SOMETHING. Even I, a non-tent-connisseur can admit that... The darn thing like a studio apartment. It's 12' on one side, 8' high (yes, you can change clothes without bending at all!) and has a battery operated lantern in it! It sleeps up to 12 people!

When we got it home, Mike couldn't wait to get it out of the box and set it up next to the house. He wanted to give it a dry run and make sure all the pieces and parts were there before we head out to Leavenworth in a couple of weeks. We are super excited for our first camping adventure of the year!

After we got the tent up (which I must admit was very easy to assemble!), I got started weeding the garden plot so that we could get our vegetable starts in the ground. I waited until the second week in May this year because last year we had a late frost that destroyed everything! On our way home from Sam's we were coming up Peasley Canyon road and stopped by at Branches Garden Center to pick up our starts. I haven't been to Branches since it changed hands. It used to be another garden center and I thought it was okay. Well, since it has new management (and a different name), I have to say that I'm really, really impressed. It's a VERY nice garden shop. They have beautiful plants and a very big variety. Plus, their gift shop and store are packed. I'll definitely go back if I have plant needs in the future. I like supporting local small business when I can.

I got organic starts for only $2.99! Roma tomatoes, golden bell pepper, sugar pumpkins, zucchini! YUM! And Mike even found a really awesome lavender start... there are no flowers yet... just greens... but the greens by themselves smell HEAVENLY! I am so excited to have some fresh lavender! Anyway... I got the dirt all aerated and tilled and then Mike went over it once with the lawn mower and that improved things. It's a very tiny little plot but it's the ONLY part of my yard that gets full sun for a majority of the day. If our cherry and lilac trees take off, that might go away. YIKES! We also had a plant come up from last year too but I am not 100% what it is... I think it's a strawberry though!

Now we just pray that the frost stays far, far away until after the harvest!!!

We finished up our evening by going to Sizzler for dinner as a family. The weather was perfect and we really, really enjoyed ourselves this weekend!

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