Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week

If you haven't gotten something for your favorite teacher this week, you still have two days left! Before taking Evan to school today, we ran up to Metropolitan Market to get some flowers for his teacher, Miss Grandprey. First of all, can I just say how in love I am with Met Market? Truly, it's like one of my favorite stores on the planet. Granted, it's ridiculously expensive and there is no way I could shop there on a regular basis, but there are a handful of treasures you just can't get elsewhere. For example... they have a killer bakery with pastries that are out of this world. They also have a deli that is like a 4-star restaurant. You can get a complete prime rib dinner there for $9, not to mention other dinners like pork tenderloin and free range chicken. Their salad bar is amazing. If gourmet chocolate is what you are looking for, then look no further than the Met. And they have antibiotic-, growth hormone-free ground beef that often goes on sale for $1.79/lb!

But I must say that I truly love their floral shop. I have found some amazing bargains there. They are a top notch florist and carry the freshest, most beautiful blooms I have ever seen. Just walking past the place is a treat because when you inhale you get a breath full of sweetness. Much of it I can't afford, but there are treasures for the taking if you just look carefully. For example, the mini carnations. Evan picked out a bunch of purple ones for just $4.99. Not only do you get the bunch of carnations, but that also includes the paper and raffia they wrap them in. It's hard to get a beautifully wrapped bunch of flowers for that price!

We took off just in time to get Evan to school and then it hit me that we hadn't gotten anything for Ms. Guenther, the teacher assistant who works full time in the classroom! Oops! So we left the flowers in the car and just dropped Evan off. Then Ethan and I headed back to the Met and picked up another bunch for her. We'll deliver them both after school!

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