Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Baptism for Savana

We had the special opportunity to attend our niece Savana's baptism today. I was honored to have asked to give the talk about the Holy Ghost. I got up very early to prepare for the day. The boys got up and we colored our Easter eggs and then got ready and headed out to Port Orchard.

The room was full and the presence of the spirit was almost overwhelming. It was nearly a physical presence in the room. I believe that every person who spoke that day made some mention of how strongly the spirit was being felt. Savana's aunt gave the talk about baptism and then she and Jay entered the baptismal font. Mike served as one of the witnesses. Right before Jay began to speak, he paused and it was so silent in the room. The feeling was so amazing. And then he spoke the words of the baptismal ordinance and baptized Savana and it was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't help but cry.

Then it was my turn to speak about the Holy Ghost. I was sooo emotional. It was difficult to get through that talk without bawling because I just felt so strongly about it. There were times when I just lost it. And then Jay confirmed Savana and that was such a beautiful prayer.

What a beautiful baptism. So, so beautiful. There just aren't words in our vocabulary to express my feelings.

My only sadness in the day is that I never got a picture of Savana. I can't believe it. We did get some other pictures and Jay was kind enough to take a few minutes outside to get a picture of our family. What a wonderful way to spend the day before Easter!

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