Thursday, April 30, 2009

So long April!

So hard to believe that a third of the year is suddenly gone. Time is really flying. I love May. May sounds so much closer to summer than April does! I've already been rebellious with this weather we are having. It's not quite time for a cooler wardrobe, but I find myself going out in capris pants and slippers anyway. Speaking of which, slippers have been on my mind lately. You see, I own a pair of Scott Slippers. They are somewhat retro... black top and bottom with a white stripe going around the side and fuschia straps! Get this... I've owned them for 15 years! No lie. I paid about $20 for them back then and it was worth every penny. My mom is coming out in August and she's always asking me what she can bring me. I never ask for much... a little bit of candy that I can't get here and sometimes some Japanese utensils (although with Daiso in the Mall and Uwajimaya coming to Renton, there is pretty much nothing I won't be able to get in that area!) Well, I asked her to bring me a pair of Scott slippers. I told her I'd pay for them because if they were $20 15 years ago, I shudder to think of how much they are now. I went online and found some pairs I liked. Long story short, she was able to go to the warehouse and pick them up at wholesale... still $20! She said she had priced them out at Macy's before she went there and they want $48 for them now! For slippers!! So she bought me two pairs and then proceeded to tell me it was my Mother's Day gift. Isn't she sweet?

Anyway... so I bid farewell to April... farewell to April showers (not that May is much different in Washington)... farewell to Easter and spring break and cherry blossoms and apple blossoms. I welcome May with open arms... I welcome warmer temperatures, more sunshine, the start of the open markets, Memorial Day, Lei Day (although I won't have a lei to wear this year), and whatever other treats May has in store for us!

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