Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Twilight and Harry Potter shrines

Lest anyone wonder about just how freaky I am about
Twilight and Harry Potter, I thought I'd post pictures of my bookshelf shrines. In truth, I got a new telephoto lens for my camera last week and was just playing around with it, seeing how far I could zoom in on things. What better thing to test out than my shrines!? So here they are, from a distance and up close. I know I'm a freak for having four copies of Twilight, but if you look closely, they are each unique and different. I am lucky that both of my copies of Breaking Dawn are signed by the author, Stephenie Meyer! It was a fun experience getting to meet her! As for Harry Potter, I'm not quite as freaky about that series (though Deathly Hallows might just be my favorite book of all time!) so I only own one copy each. Here they are...

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  1. I just finished reading the Twilight series for the second time, Christina. Only have one copy of each, though. But then I have other series by longtime favorite authors that I reread all the time too, and I am running out of shelf space! (I will be in big trouble when it comes time to downsize.) (Actually, I'm already in big trouble, ask anyone!)