Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs!

We had SO much fun coloring Easter eggs yesterday! I think we came up with a pretty nice bunch of eggs! Truthfully, I got a different type of kit this year. You put the eggs in baggies and the put drops of color in the bag and roll them around. It was a MESS. We did have fun, but I probably won't do it that way again in the future. The day before, I had cooked some beets on the stove. I made sure I saved the beet water, which was VERY red because I had cut the stems on the beets a little short so they bled a lot. I added some vinegar to that water and dyed three of the eggs in that and I LOVE how the color turned out! In fact, I think next year I'd like to do natural egg dying. I'll boil up some beets again and other vegetables for different colors. The colors aren't as vibrant but I like how natural they look. Besides that, I've done a lot of research on food dyes and they scare me!

Anyway... here are some pictures from the day:

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