Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mindy Gledhill

Oh my heavens... what rock have I been hiding under that I haven't yet heard the music of Mindy Gledhill??? I was surfing iTunes for new, uplifting music tonight when I ran across a song by Mindy Gledhill. I clicked on the sample and thought, "Whoa. I need to hear more. Could she possibly be as good on other tracks?" Oh my heavens... I am in love with her voice! I mean I am REALLY in love! That's truly an understatement.

So I've spent the last hour or so surfing the net for everything I can get my hands on to learn more about her. Not only does she have an amazing voice and absolutely beautiful music, but she's gorgeous on top of it all. It's funny... I've heard of her. I have seen her CD in the bookstore but I just never gave her a chance. I don't really know why. Perhaps I was just too afraid to spend $15 on something I might hate. That's what I love about iTunes. And truthfully, I love YouTube because there are always videos that showcase entire songs so I can see if it's something worth buying. I think I heard maybe 3 or 4 measures of each song and I knew instantly that I HAD to have her latest album. I downloaded it tonight and have been in awe ever since.

I have a few favorite LDS musicians whose music I listen to over and over and over and never get tired of... Mindy moves right to the top of that list!

Okay... I've had the supreme honor of meeting Hilary Weeks in person. My life will be seriously complete if I can just meet Jenny Jordan Frogley and Mindy Gledhill! I have had the opportunity of seeing Jenny Jordan Frogley perform, but haven't had the chance to meet her. These three women have such powerful voices!! I'm so glad I discovered Mindy tonight!!

**Edited 4/24/09 to add: I think Ethan has a little crush on Mindy! Suffice it to say I've listened to NOTHING else but this album since I downloaded it the other day. It's on my iPod so I plug it in to the house speakers when I am in the house or the car or I just play it on iTunes when I'm on the computer. (Like for example, it's playing now! I think I'm having a love affair with Long Lost Child... reminds me of my sweet baby I lost a few years ago... I think that deserves an entry all its own.)

Anyway... When we got in the car two days ago and I plugged it in, this is the conversation Ethan and I had:

Ethan: "Mom, who is this singing?"

Me: "Mindy Gledhill. Do you like her? She's my new favorite singer."

Ethan: "Me too mom. She's totally my favorite singer now."

Me: "I'm glad you like her."

Ethan: "Yeah. You know what mom? If Mindy Gledhill was on American Idol, she'd win top prize!"

Me: "Oh yeah. She'd blow everyone out of the water wouldn't she?"

Ethan: "Yep!"

Is he so cute or what?! And when I say he has a crush on her, I'm not kidding. He is on a first name basis with her now. He says things like, "Mom, can I borrow your iPod? I want to listen to Mindy." And this morning, I got on the computer and didn't put on any music (GASP!) and he said, "Mom, will you please put Mindy on?" I absolutely LOVE that he loves this music. The lyrics entwined with the gorgeous music are so beautiful!!


  1. We have TOO much in common once again! SHE IS MY MOST FAVORITE LDS Singer! I love her 'Sum of All Grace' CD. I need to find more of her, thanks for reminding me to do that!

  2. Dear Ethan,

    I am so happy that you like my CD! Thanks for saying that you think I would win top prize if I were on American Idol. That made my day! Have a great week and be good for your mom. She is super cool.

    Peace and Love,

    Mindy Gledhill

  3. Mindy... bless you. You absolutely MADE the day of a certain 7-year-old boy. He walked around quite giddy that THE Mindy would take the time to write to him! ;-)