Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally some NICE weather!!

I was so bummed out that I had to work all weekend. It was sunny, beautiful, and temps in the 70s! Oh well... such is life right? I did get Monday and today off and it was still sunny and beautiful. It wasn't
quite as warm as the weekend, but still lovely nonetheless. I took the boys to the beach yesterday. We tried out a new beach. I am ashamed to say that I had never even heard of this place and it's right in my own backyard! In fact, it's closer than Dash Point! It's the Dumas Bay Park Wildlife Sanctuary. It's about a quarter mile hike from the parking lot down to the water, but it's well worth the walk. Plus, the walk is on a trail that is so beautiful with thickets of trees on either side. I guess that shouldn't surprise me. After all, it is a nature preserve. It wasn't crowded at all. There were just a few other people there and after a time, we wound up being the only people around. We went with Nathan, a boy in Evan's kindergarten class, and his mom Corrine. She goes there a lot in the summer and showed me the way. I'm SO glad we went!!

It was just warm enough to be comfortable outside... warm but not hot. Now I must say that I was SHOCKED when Ethan got into the water. Just because it is warm outside does not mean that Puget Sound is warm enough to swim in! But Ethan is never afraid. He was DYING to go to the water. He would adore living in my Hawaii home. He's a water boy... has been since birth. He walked right into the frigid water and sat down in it. Just like that! Someone asked me if that was a bit of sunburn on his back. Um, NO! That is what happens when you sit in FREEZING water! Hahahaha!

I recently got a new lens for my camera. Costco had a great deal on the lens. I've been wanting a telephoto lens so badly and the technology I want is finally available at a decent price. So I had fun playing with that lens a lot. I am sooo looking forward to more days like this in the coming months!


  1. Great pictures....looks like a fun beach day -- we don't have those often in Arizona. :)

  2. You definitely have a confirmed water baby there!!! Makes me cold to see the pictures...can't imagine sitting in the water. I would have loved the walk and scenery though!