Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I believe this Easter has been my favorite Easter... ever. I don't believe I've ever felt closer to the Savior than I do this year. I feel so amazingly blessed. I've taken the time to really try to better understand the atonement this year and to be absolutely certain that my children understand the real meaning of Easter. Between us and their primary teachers, I think we've all done a decent job because they seem to know the story pretty well.

I am still reading my book "21 Days Closer To Christ" and it's life changing. I see life the world differently. And this weekend was no exception. Everyone at church today gave such wonderful talks and the lessons were so wonderful.

I am humbled beyond measure to think that Christ atoned for
me... for my sins. And as someone reflected today, President Faust once asked, "I wonder how many drops of blood he shed for me?" It really puts things into perspective.

I am so proud of the boys. We have never really perpetuated the idea of the Easter Bunny. They know that the Easter Bunny is a fictional character in the secular festivities surrounding Easter, but they don't believe in him. If they get things for Easter, they know the things come from us. I purposefully did not leave their basket out for them last night. They wake up before we do and I didn't want them fighting over things. So I just waited.

They never asked about an Easter basket or treats of any kind this morning. I was so touched by that. We spent the weekend making resurrection rolls and coloring eggs and talking about the real meaning of Easter. I really think that that was good enough for them. They weren't looking for anything more. Right before we were ready to serve breakfast, I brought out a basket and they were genuinely surprised! It was nice to see that.

I gave them each a stainless steel water bottle. Ever since I got mine, they've wanted one. They got a small notebook, some candy, and they each got a Little Kinz stuffed toy. They LOVE these little guys. They are smaller versions of Webkinz animals. They each come with a special code that you can plug into the computer. You get an adoption certificate for your animal and virtual money to purchase things for your pet. Then you can play games to earn more virtual money. So far they are having fun with that.

They also got new shirts and ties and I just had to snap a few pictures of them... they looked so spiffy for church today!

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  1. What great parents you are -- truly an inspiration. I really think you should move down and have your great example rub off on me. By the way, the boys look FABULOUS!