Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Baseball season has arrived in western Washington... and at the Harris household as well. We went out over the weekend and picked up a bat and some whiffle balls so that Mike could start playing baseball with the boys. Evan was more than excited! Mike tossed the ball to them as they each took turns being the batter. Ethan got tired pretty quick (as is usual for him) but Evan was so excited and we think we've spied a bit of natural talent in that kid. It was his first time playing (he's not even 5 yet) and he just kept hitting the balls over and over and over. He'd keep his eye on the ball and crack at it, whereas Ethan is like his mama... at the last minute he shuts his eyes and sort of swings blindly! It was a lot of fun. The next morning when Evan woke up, he groggily dragged himself into the school room where Ethan and I already were. He rubbed his eyes and looked outside to take stock of the weather (we've had snow as recently as a few days ago) and then tiredly exclaimed, "Oh good. It's sunny. That means I get to practice baseball with my dad today!" Talk about a heart warming sentiment!

Here are some shots from the weekend:

If you look above, you'll see Mike is getting ready to pitch. Then if you look below, you can see that Evan easily hit the ball! Mike is looking over in the direction that the ball flew.

And someone is so proud of himself!!

And he gets ready to hit this one:

And we have contact!! If you look carefully in the upper right corner of the shot, you'll see the ball, just leaving the perimeter of the image!

Ethan's turn...

Getting set up:

Ready and waiting!

And contact! Note the closed eyes and only one hand on the bat! Too cute...

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