Friday, April 4, 2008

Scripture Reading 04/04/08

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Today we read in 1 Nephi 2:1-4. Lehi has another vision where the Lord tells him that he will be blessed for doing the things he was asked to do. And then he's commanded to take his family and depart into the wilderness. At this point Ethan asks, "He didn't even take a tent?", after which I read the part that said he took his family, his provisions, and his tents! Ethan asked, "What are provisions?" So we talked about the basics... food, water, tools, and clothes. He thought that was cool... he added in things like lanterns and a stove. Hahaha. Ethan's drawing today is a picture of the wilderness. It is complete with a night sky, evergreen trees, and a fire pit. Ethan says that the black squares in the fire are roasting marshmallows. The square above the fire is a bag of sticky marshmallows. Ethan said, "I know they didn't have marshmallows back then, but I wanted to draw them anyway."

Side note... Ethan has been listening in primary! He then said to me, "Yeah, I know this story. Lehi's sons have to go back for the gold!" He also said he remembers the story about the guy who got swallowed by the whale. He's so darned cute!

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