Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Scripture Reading 04/01/08

Today we read in 1 Nephi 1:5-8.

After reading today's scripture selection, Ethan was able to tell me the following:

"Nephi's father's name was Lefi." (corrected to Lehi, which he said sounds like a girl's name) "And he said a prayer by a big rock with fire on the rock. When he got home, he was so tired he fell on his bed and he had a dream where he saw heaven open, God sitting on his throne, and so many angels that he couldn't count them."

Some questions he came up with today:

"Did Nephi die in Jerusalem?"
"How many angels were there? One hundred? One thousand?" (And I answered that there were so many they could not be counted, which is why they were described as being "numberless")
"Is God invisible?"

Then he drew the following picture. It's a picture of the rock and pillar of fire which Lehi prayed at, surrounded by trees. He said, "Sorry, I couldn't draw Lefi because I didn't live in that period and I don't know what he looked like." (I'm serious... that's what he said. He cracks me up!)

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